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What is this?

Every type of particle has a different interaction with every other type of particle. They attract or repel and they have chemical reactions when they touch. You can drag particles into the analyser on the left and press the button to print a reaction table. 

The reactions can look very lifelike. Sometimes a universe contains a creature with something that looks like a metabolism: one particle goes in, is turned into another particle and propels the creature forward. All following from simple rules.

It is based on a video by CodeParade called Particle Life.  If you set the reaction speed to 0, my simulation will be identical to his.

What are these parameters?

Temperature Determines how much the particles want to move

Reaction Speed How many reactions happen per time unit

Force Magnitude How strong the interactions between particles are

Minimum/Maximum Radius Minimum/Maximum distance for interactions between particles

Number of Elements The amount of particle types. Amount of atoms in the periodic table

And then the seeds! You can share or save universes by copying the seed and typing it into the seed box. Make sure that the number of elements is the same, or it will give completely different results. 


WASD - move around

ZX - zoom in/out

U/I - speed up/down

Drag with mouse - move particles

Thanks to Frans (Concept and Name)

Updated 14 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tagschemistry, particle, Physics, reaction, Sandbox, universe
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Version 1

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Can you please make the playfield area full screen with the ui in a retractable drawer. On my screen the interesting part of your sim is only about 25% or less of the application. You've got something great here, please keep improving the ui.

You can move the camera with W A S D and zoom with Z and X. This way you can place the playfield area in the center. 

The table is completely blank for me.

Hi, you need to drag and drop some particles into the square above the table first. Then press the button and it will produce a reaction table.